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Triple S Ranch Napa is an historic California 1860’s ranch located in the hills above Calistoga.

A Unique Venue

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the most authentic village in the Napa Valley
Triple S Ranch Napa was part of an original Mexican Land Grant of 1,000’s of acres. It is located on a serene ridge to the east of Calistoga with unobstructed views across the hills to the west. The property is surrounded by vineyards of the Knights Valley Appellation. This area of Napa is unique for its serenity, open vistas and grand trees.

The property consists of 12 acres of a gently westerly sloping high plateau. It is completely private with vistas of wide open spaces. The property is dotted with a grove of mature walnut trees. Also on the property are massive redwood trees, sequoia trees, oak trees, Douglas fir trees, and fig trees. The structures on this historic ranch include the grand Victorian built in 1867, a redwood dairy barn/restaurant built in the 1880s, a swimming pool, gym and thirteen cabins.

The Grand Victorian

A Restored Treasure from the 1800′s


That can be rented for a private gathering


Once a Family Resort

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